For your safety we ask you abide by our regulations.

  • No golf carts, ATV's, mini-bikes, motorbikes, motor scooter, skateboarding in the campground or hiking trails.
  • Firearms, fireworks, slingshots, air guns, bows and arrows are prohibited
  • Only ONE vehicle at campsite
  • No refund on reservations
  • No soliciting or selling on grounds
  • Speed Limit - 5 M.P.H
  • Fires only permitted in fireplaces and must be attended at all times
  • All garbage must be bagged and deposited in dumpster
  • All bicycles must be off the road at dusk
  • No hunting allowed
  • Any damage to standing trees, plants and shrubs will result in immediate eviction
  • Pets must be leashed at all times and all droppings must be cleaned up at all times
  • No washing cars or RV's on site except RV's may be washed April 15 to April 30th and Oct 1 to Oct 15 only
    Anyone violating the rules will be evicted.
    Camping At Deihls, LLC.

    2108 Deihl's Road
    Bloomsburg PA, 17815
    Phone: 570.683.5212
    Phone: 570.784.4411